Our Story

Bio's are like buttholes everyone thinks theirs don't stink. So my disclaimer is that this isn't meant to be taken too damn serious. Without further ado I give you three versions of the Pink Octopus Bio thus allowing you to choose your own adventure.

Bio #1:
Pink Octopus is a power rock jazz-fusion escapade that can only be categorized as a cathartic explosion of sound giving way to sonic landscapes of layered melodies and thundering odd time grooves. Or, the result of years of listening to and being under the influence of musical masters such as: Frank Zappa, Parliament Funkadelic, Black Sabbath, and King Crimson. Now, this might sound like an over sale and you might be saying to yourself, “I’ve heard this all before”, but that’s only because a world of musical monotony has jaded those exploratory ears of yours into believing that originality is all but lost. But this foursome of self-taught know nothings isn’t polished enough to commit cookie cutter copies of any of the masterful works that inspire them. Their nonsense is their own and that’s good news for you. 

What was originally the pet project of guitarist Jonathan Huffman showcasing his guitar work through layering and effects, Pink Octopus, has grown into a technically relevant, yet socially acceptable rock group on the brink of releasing a much anticipated sophomore album. The success of Pink Octopus can only be attributed to Jonathan’s selective recruitment of diverse talents such as: saxophonist and Detroit native Michael Porenta; bassist and Bellingham enthusiast Luke Wyman; and metal drummer turned groove aficionado Ian McCarley. Their unique differences are responsible for creating a combative energy in this group that is as belligerent as it is cooperative, and in turn earns them the reputation of being one of the most fascinating and unique acts in the Seattle area.  

Bio #2:
Pink Octopus is a progressive rock band with jazz tendencies. Heavily influenced by 70's jazz funk, jazz soul, and jazz fusion the likes of Miles Davis, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Frank Zappa and Herbie Hancock, this band wants to play jazz but is simply too lazy to fully commit to the discipline required to pull it off. Besides that there are far too many guitars to not be more likely compared to King Crimson, Funkadelic, or Mars Volta. Instead of a straight forward three and a half minute ditty these boys write songs by connecting several musical fragments of various styles, tempos, and time signatures into something that might be considered cohesion once it grows on you. While others might simply call it "busy, really busy".

"Busy" is what happens when you leave about a third of the musical arrangement to studio experimentation. The result is layers, layers, and at times more layers. But in it's naked raw form Pink Octopus is no more than Jonathan Huffman on guitars, Michael Porenta on saxophones, Luke Wyman on bass, and Ian McCarley on percussion. It just so happens the final product is more of a mixed media collage than a graceful oil painting on canvas. 

Bio #3:
Four white males ranging in age from 28 to 36 living in the greater Seattle area playing rock music. At times it sounds funky. At times it sounds messy. Most of the time it sounds loud. Instrumentations in live and recorded form include but are not limited to Guitars, Saxophones, Bass, and Drums. Sounds like Black Sabbath meets Herbie Hancock.